How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

This tip can be helpful and saves you money and time from calling technical service man.

This can be done by yourself alone. Here’s how;

The first step is to go the electrical service panel which is usually located in the basement or garage

The next step is to identify the tripped circuit breaker.

  • The tripped breaker will not be fully in the "On" position but rather in the "Off" position or somewhere in between.
  • To make visual identification easier, some breakers show red by the handle when tripped.

Resetting the Circuit Breaker is Easy.

  • To reset the breaker, just push the lever all the way to the "Off" position and then back fully to the "On" position.

          Note: A tripped breaker cannot be pushed forcibly in "ON" position no matter what unless you put it OFF first.

  • You will hear it click as it snaps into the "On" position.
  • If the breaker trips again, you need to determine the reason for the overcurrent condition and correct the root cause of the problem. The breaker may be tripping due to excessive amperage in the circuit or may be shorting out.