Electrical Safety Tips

How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

This tip can be helpful and saves you money and time from calling technical service man.

This can be done by yourself alone. Here’s how...
The 2008 National Electrical Code®(NEC®) will require new and renovated dwellings to have tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles. These receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that close off the contact openings, or slots, of the receptacles. When a plug is inserted into the receptacle, both springs are compressed and the shutters then open, allowing for the metal prongs to make contact to create an electrical circuit. Because both springs must be compressed at the same time, the shutters do not open when a child attempts to insert an object into only one contact opening, and there is no contact with electricity. Tamper- resistant receptacles are an important next step to making the home a safer place for children. Read more ...

Electricians are trained to one of three levels:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Master Electrician

RESPECT an electrical outlet, or it may NOT respect your life.

Extension cords:

  • these can be used temporarily and be sure to unplug the power plug from the mains outlet after using
  • extension cords are provided with a third prong that serves as grounding device to prevent electric shocks, please do not remove that
  • discard or dispose cords that are frayed, damaged, cracked or easily heat up when in use
  • do not place extension cords under carpets

DON’T touch outlets or switches if the cover is missing or broken.

DON'T remove a plug from a power outlet by pulling on the cord; pull the plug instead. Click the file below to view the IEC and world types of plugs.

plug-types.jpg plug-types.jpg
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NEVER plug adaptors into adaptors and avoid using adaptors filled with plugs if possible.

DON'T use damaged sockets, replace with care when necessary.

DON'T use any electrical items in the bathroom unless specifically designed for use there, eg. electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. Even with these items however, take care not to get wet and avoid plugging and unplugging with wet hands.

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